Monday, February 6, 2012

Two Menus, February 2012

First week

  • Sat:was going to be a homemade meal, but ended up eating at Mia & Grace. (yum)
  • Sun: road trip to Stevensville. Nourishment at The Livery.
  • Mon: leftover chicken en mole
  • Tue: I truly cannot remember what we ate...., but I made super tasty banana bread for Williams Group.
  • Wed: Pulpo and risotto in a white wine and garlic sauce
  • Thur: patatas a la riojana
  • Fri: homemade pizza with red peppers, kalamata olives, and fresh mozzarella

Credits: thanks to Lisa Rose Starner for the mole sauce. It was awesome the second time too. Thanks to Creswick Farms for the chicken, and Kevin's trip to the Asian Market on Division for the pulpo. Banana bread recipe, courtesy Baking Illustrated.

Second week

This is advanced menu planning. We'll see how well we do at following it. (hint, things always change)
  • Sat: fresh pasta al vino blanco
  • Sun: roast chicken and something good I haven't thought of yet.
  • Mon: baked eggs and greens
  • Tues: Hearty cabbage soup
  • Wed: roasted root vegetable salad
  • Thur: poached fish with vegetable vinaigrette
  • Fri: pizza
Lunches: carrot ginger soup, cabbage soup

Credits: pasta from Cook's Illustrated, March 2012--an issue containing many recipes that are inspiring. We've been subscribers for almost 15 years! Skillet eggs based on Bon App├ętit recipe from Feb. 2012 (and the eggs overcooked... a technique that must require practice). Cabbage soup from The Best Soups and Stews.

Update: 2/23 - well, we barely followed that one. Life happened, I was too busy to remember what we ate, and much of this got recycled into the new menu.... c'est la vie.

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