Saturday, January 7, 2012

On the menu

For years, I have made my grocery list from a menu. I started this right after I graduated from college, and Kevin and I had to make careful decisions about what we bought at the grocery store, because our limited dollars had to buy enough food to last us until the next trip. I made Kevin choose between wine and steak more than once.

Now that we're in a different financial position, I have kept this tradition of menu planning, because it means that we eat healthy, home-cooked food. It's better for us all around.

Living frugally is still a goal, driven by philosophy more than necessity. Living simply is an intention, a purposeful choice. For my own reflection in a year, and in case anyone else might be inspired to spend more time in the kitchen, I am going to share the weekly menus.

More than meatless Monday

In January, we're extending meatless Monday to several days a week. It's better for us, and better for the planet. Here's to health, and feeling better about bikinis come June!

Week 1 

(finish up the holiday leftovers...)
  • Sunday: garden tomato soup and sandwiches (thanks Kelly!)
  • Monday: Split pea soup with the rest of the holiday ham 
  • Tuesday: Roast chicken with fava bean purée and a salad 
  • Wednesday:  Stir fried vegetable matchsticks with sautéed mushrooms
  • Thursday: Carrot-ginger soup and grilled cheese sandwiches
  • Friday: pizza with the leftover holiday duck, roasted red peppers and kale

Week 2

  • Saturday: Free day (surprise party) 
  • Sunday: Chicken and dumplings 
  • Monday: Skillet-baked eggs with wilted kale and yogurt sauce (inspired by Bon Appetit)
  • Tuesday: Lentil soup 
  • Wednesday: Macaroni and cheese with spinach and roasted peppers 
  • Thursday: Fish en mole 
  • Friday: Pizza 

Credit where credit's due

Props to Creswick Farms, where Nathan raises healthy, happy chickens, and to Behren's Hens at Beechwood Acres, and Rebecca, who drops eggs off at WYCE for Kevin to bring home. Also, thanks to Lisa Rose Starner, who made the salsa mole and traded us for some cider at the GRap Food Swap this fall.

May you all have a chance to enjoy good food, good health and good company.


  1. So excited to follow your blog. I, too, shop from a menu every week. And look forward to stealing some of your menu ideas.

  2. Jenny! You actually inspired me to post this stuff in the first place, after we were talking about it around thanksgiving. You'll have to let me know if anything passes muster with the boys.